While nature decided that this Thursday was going to be a wet day, spirits were not dampened inside Molineux stadium Wolverhampton where over 40 deligates were invited to hear talks from some influential business leaders in the sustainable energy, technologies and renewable sectors.


We were invited along to introduce the Community Project vision and how the cycle of our inspiration and passions have lead to the creation of our five fold business. Low carbon spaces has an amount of obtainable grant money available in the shape of an 'energy efficiency' grant. 


This could be anything from £1000 to £5000 and can be obtained through a process we would be happy to manage at EcoSave UK. We cover the full product portfolio that you could obtain this grant to increase you businesses efficiency. The grant is allowed to a maximum of one third of the total cost of your works up to £5000. Not bad ay?! Plus you will be dealing with your businesses social and corporate responsibilities whilst doing good through our process of fundraising through giving away our profits to worthy causes. Get in touch to find out how you could start your journey to better efficiency and lower bills by sending an email.



Other great speakers on the day came from Social Power, Richmond Green Energy, BECCI project and Good Energy. Check out all the great work they are also doing. 


We couldn't end without a superb tour of the Molineux stadium, thank you to WWFC for that also! 


We also have 5 other potential grants within energy efficiency please get in touch to see if any of these could benefit your business.




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