Exec Bios and Team CVs

There are times when you need to truly demonstrate the expertise of your team. Whether you’re a firm of architects bidding for international work, or a marketing team pitching to a major new client, you’ll need strong executive bios and / or executive CVs that pack a punch.

Our team, led by an internationally-qualified sector expert, have written hundreds of executive bios and professional CVs during the 15 years. Our clients range from CEOs of FTSE-ranked global corporates, to entrepreneurs at the start of their journey. We have the experience to ensure that your top talent is presented in the best possible light.


LinkedIn Profiles

With the world turning to social media as the primary research tool, you can guarantee that your existing and potential clients are checking out your team during those early stages of negotiation. Let’s make sure they know exactly what they’re getting – the expertise of talented individuals working together to provide a best-in-class product or service.

LinkedIn captures data for search engines at frightening speed, and now with more than 300 million users it’s an extensive, open database of consultants and experts for almost every product and service imaginable. Don’t miss out on the internet’s biggest opportunity to showcase your team’s strengths and abilities; a professionally written LinkedIn profile for each person of value to your company is the must-have of any executive branding package.

Our process includes an in-depth chat with each team member requiring an executive bio or LinkedIn profile. This can be conducted either on-site or via Skype / video conference.


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