The 'Community People Project' is a not-for-profit programme that teaches critical employability skills and covers every aspect of the job search process – from crucial essentials through to getting promoted, navigating challenges at work, and developing a toolset for future career success.

The programme is aimed at people who need support to secure their first role, or those that have been out of the employment market for some time, but is still incredibly useful for seasoned employees. Our programme aims to equip every single user – no matter what their level of experience – with the skills and knowledge to compete for the jobs they really want in an increasingly complex digital world.


Our online program backed up by a knowledgable human offers:


  •  361 unique eLearning assets on employability
  •  101 employer advice videos
  •  30 career learning paths
  •  700 career eLearning resources
  •  100 business skills courses
  •  98 IT skills courses
  •  Mock interview simulator
  •  CV and cover letter builder
  •  A safe place to practice skills
  •  A personalised learning environment
  •  Unrestricted access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Here’s how it works:


  • Our fundraising activity supports individual access to the career portal. If you would like to support us as an individual or corporate sponsor, please get in touch.


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