We have access to 24 utility providers meaning we can secure the most competitive rates for our clients, we can secure prices up to 12 months or even 24 months in advance with some suppliers.

The majority of comparison sites use the current book pricing when quoting to a customer, however, because we check the market price daily we can secure prices below price comparison sites.

With the average large business energy usage pushing 110,000kWh, finding a competitive price per kWh can save your company considerable amounts of money. Numerous government incentives are available to businesses that show considerable improvements in reductions to carbon emissions and energy usage.

We take the hassle out of energy purchasing to ensure peace of mind that you will receive the best price and service. We offer managed services for our customers checking their bills to ensure no additional charges are included often arranging rebate’s where inappropriate fees have been levied.

Our customer retention rates are extremely high due to our traditional face to face approach with our clients, we build trust and explain the complexities of the energy market to ensure our clients know what we do for them.

Please contact us today for a free appraisal of your energy prices. We'd love to help you go green and save money.

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