We offer free ESOS Standard Light Surveys as well as advice on a range of grants, leases and other strategies that help make LED solutions self-funding.

Our LED Lighting is sourced from several manufacturers which allows us to compete whatever the project, we can supply market leading brands as well as more cost sensitive projects. Sourcing the right manufacturers also means we have expert technical support for those more in depth questions. All supplied LED solutions meet BS EN guidelines.

As well as our range of LED lights and panels, we strive to save our client's money through green energy initiatives and various alternative strategies through several other energy efficient technologies:

Biomass Boilers: Offer significant CO2 savings of up to 96% and fuel cost savings of up to 80% when compared to fossil fuels. A carbon neutral fuel source providing you with a reduction in fuel bills, 20 years' Renewable Heat Incentive and a typical return on investment of 4-8 years.


Solar PV: Our service includes a free site survey to assess your requirements and the suitable approaches to successfully installing your PV panels. The assessment will analyse the potential electricity production and therefore your possible return on investment based on current feed in and export tariffs.

Voltage Optimisation: Refers to the process of reducing the incoming voltage supply to the premises in order to reduce energy consumption and the degradation of equipment. The main benefit to all establishments is that optimising your incoming voltage can dramatically increase the lifetime of your lighting systems. So, not only are your appliances and equipment using less power but they have a prolonged life span.

Ground Source Heat Pumps: A network of pipes buried under ground that extract the earth and natural heat from the ground, which is then utilised to heat your business via your radiators, underfloor heating or warm air heating systems as well as your hot water. Can lower your fuel bills, provide you with RHI income and potentially lower your carbon emissions.

Please contact us today for a free appraisal of your energy prices. We'd love to help you go green and save money.

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