If your organisation has multiple energy supply points, then this creates different challenges (opportunities) for your energy purchasing strategy.

It may be that you’re better off putting all of your supplies together with the same supplier to benefit from consolidated billing, co-terminus end dates and potentially reduced unit rates and administrative burden.  It’s very likely though that you will still want a different supplier for your HH portfolio than you will for your NHH portfolio or your Gas portfolio.

Whilst there are obvious potential benefits to grouping all of your supplies (HH, NHH and Gas) with a sole supplier for each meter type, this may not be the best option for your organisation.

The supplier who is the most competitive for one of your NHH supplies for a site in the North East for example, may be far from competitive for another NHH site in the South West.  It may be financially more beneficial to either purchase energy individually for each site, or to group sites in a different manner, be that geographically or by meter usage.

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