Water is often just a bill we pay without looking at the cost as most businesses believe they cannot effect the costs without metering.

We offer a free survey to our customers covering the following areas:

  • Water and Sewerage Analysis
  • Leak Detection
  • Trade Effluent
  • Surface Water Drainage
  • Metering Solutions
  • Private Water Supply
  • Bill analysis to identify band changes or rebates back dated up to 6 years

Water harvesting is an environmental way to collect nature’s pure rain water (chlorine free) to use within your business facilities. The UKs rainfall over the past few years has been steadily on the increase with shorter summers than ever before.

A tank is buried underground which collects your rainwater and then uses a pump to feed your business or homes water needs.

Planning applications for rainwater harvesting are looked on favourably and they meet the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme meaning your business benefits from capital allowance.

You may also be eligible for a water band change, rebate or refund as well as a lower surface drainage charge

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