Social media strategy made simple

A short course on how to develop a social media strategy for your business. We will look at which platforms would suit your business and look into basic introductions, functions and usability. This course will set you off feeling comfortable with adapting to life in the social landscape. Ideal for those with a social media presence but no real strategy in place.


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Content Content Content... workshop!

Are you sometimes there thinking 'what can I post today that I haven't already?' when looking at your social media? Well fret no more! Our content workshop is designed to introduce you to lots of tricks and tips for superb traction and how to effectively warm up your social feeds with great fresh new content. Be prepared to feel creative and full of energy and open up your social channels.



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Paid advertising with Facebook & Instagram

Once upon a time there was google adwords where you paid premium prices to climb to the top of page rankings. Now with over 2 billion monthly users, profiling data on all of its users Facebook has the power to directly target your audience with paid advertising at a fraction of the cost per click. We will introduce you to Advert manager, insights and partner products for Facebook and harness the full potential and power of Facebook & Instagram advertising.

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All round to your place!

Lets have some fun at your place of work, office, community centre or wherever you like with your employees, volunteers or friends. This is designed to open up your networks within your operational structure leading to new leads, engagement, traction and bringing new vibrancy to your projects or daily business. 


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You + Me + our computers + our phones = One To One Engagement

Our One to One meeting is a superb way to get to ask questions, learn some new tricks and tips and delve a little deeper into the social media world and bounce ideas with a member of our digital team. Often if you are a sole trader, or your digital knowledge isnt so good a little help and advice with someone is just the tonic to launch a new set of ideas, go over some old ones and create a new social media campaign, project or release into a new platform. We love sitting with people and talking shop and showing new interesting techniques.


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